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Ben Chai

Ben is a unique individual who is able to think beyond the confines of conventional thinking. His ”out of the box” perspective, has helped Ben to create financial wealth in media, technology, security, real estate, and education.

As a result of Ben’s expert insight in how businesses operate combined with a multi-faceted skillset, Ben has worked at director and c-level leadership in the areas of marketing, technology, operations, risk, and finance.

He has been responsible for the rapid creation of virtual teams to effectively deliver projects within emergency time scales and against all odds deliver projects within ”insanely impossible budgets, timescales and challenges”.

Through Ben’s media companies, his books, podcasts, videocasts, and articles, Ben is globally recognised as an expert in matters of business, mindset, media, real estate, microsoft technology, and security.

Today Ben’s focus is in coaching and mentorship techniques. These techniques have already helped many to grow and create successful businesses. You can read many of Ben’s business articles on

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