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COB Scandinavia brings together change leaders from different walks in life who are ready to seize the opportunity for creating a real and sustainable transition towards a more humane, equitable, and flourishing world.

In September 2015, 193 heads of states adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all, within a narrow timeframe of 15 years. The big question is: How can we work together to make it happen?

Materials and methods

Supporters of COB Scandinavia are united in the realization that we need to connect, communicate, collaborate and share our best ideas and resources. Our approach is to work on 3 different levels simultaneously in order to evoke:

Personal transformation– communicating a new worldview that recognizes our basic interconnectedness and interdependence and promotes the flourishing of life on planet Earth in all its magnificent forms.

Local transformation– supporting successful small-scale, local sustainability projects and new, evolving technologies that can be made into successful mainstream initiatives.

Global transformationbuilding strong and sustainable partnerships among people, communities, governments, NGO’s and businesses on a global scale.

Our strategy is to reach out across multiple media platforms and invite people from across the world to become actively engaged in shaping the future. We have special focus on youth and new media technology and are right now in the process of gathering a group of social process designers, facilitators, artists, community organizers, media professionals and storytellers. The ambition s to build a large interconnected web of people and projects committed to co-creating a new story for humanity’s future.

page1image71376 The Pathways Project

Over the next 4 years we will organize a series of interactive live events focusing on implementation of the 17 SDG’s from a “whole world-view” perspective. The live events will be supplemented with a high profile documentary series – and an on-line forum, where leading experts will be inspired by the wisdom of the crowd.

Participants in the project will be invited to join a taskforce of content creators who have been assigned to help us develop, prototype and build a virtual simulation of a future world, where the 17 Goals have been implemented. The virtual world will be a vibrant hub, where change-makers from different cultures can connect, collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other. The joy of discovery, the fun of testing our limits and the freedom of trying out new things will attract creative frontrunners who can help us build smart cities and bring greater coherence to the social ecological and economical systems inside the virtual world.


 An Augmented Reality Game – weaved around an exploration of time, space, reality and human consciousness – will help us pull the next generation into the game, so that they can become co-creators of the world and experience what it will be like to live in a sustainable future.

Some of the best ideas and greatest innovations developed in the virtual space will be presented to potential funders and investors and implemented in real life.

page1image21304The culmination of the project will be a spectacular mixed reality event on September 21st 2020, taking place on seven different continents simultaneously in collaboration with the UN and Office for the Futures.

World-class artists will participate alongside with heads of states and high profile evolutionary leaders. Some of the contributors will be “beamed in” as holograms, appearing in the 7 different venues simultaneously.

page1image51696During the event we will open the portals to our virtual world – share our vision of a sustainable future – and present a roadmap for implementation of the 17 SDG’s. Our declared ambition is to reach and engage an audience of 1 billion people across the planet – representing the critical mass it takes to turn around the masses on a global scale.

More about Office for the Future:

When futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard ran for Vice President of the United States in 1984, she proposed a new social function called “Office for the Future”. The project is now being re-launched with the support of a group of people and organizations connected to the UN.
Office for the Future is a systemic and synergistic new function in our global community, aiming at becoming a transformational mass participation enhancement to the current development processes of the UN. The Office has four main functions:
– 1. Scanning for breakthroughs in all fields – health, education, environment, justice, spirituality, media, science, business and community, locally and globally.

– 2. Mapping and tracking these innovations according to function and geography to discover the pattern and design of what is working.

– 3. Connecting and synergizing people and projects for greater cooperation and effectiveness.

– 4. Communicating to inspire via all media, stories of the human family’s successes and model projects.

Office for the Futures has teamed up with The Pathways project and we are currently building strategic partnerships with experienced organizations and institutions worldwide to support individual countries to successfully implement the Global Goals. The plan is to establish an Office for the Future at the UN, as a strategic action to support UN Agencies in the coordination and synergy between governmental institutions, business, academia, civil society groups and citizens around the world.


We believe that the problems we face have arisen as a direct consequence of our fragmented perception of the world. Unless our fractured perspective is also healed, the SDGs can only attempt to moderate the symptoms and not cure the underlying cause of our collective and planetary dis-ease.

At this crucial moment in history, evolutionary leaders from different walks of life are joining forces to ignite an evolutionary leap to the next level of human consciousness. With a unique combination of storytelling – and innovative use of new media technology – we aim at reaching a critical mass of people across the planet, and get them actively engaged in transforming the world.

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