Rikke Wend Hartung kommer till Stockholm

Den 8 november är det dags för nästa event med oss på Swedish Wealth Institute. Denna gång får vi besök från vårat grannland, Danmark och den härliga Rikke Wend Hartung.

Har du någon gång undvikit en dröm eller ett projekt på grund utav tankar såsom “men tänk om” eller “ifall det här händer då..”? Ifall du är som 99% av jordens befolkning, då är chansen stor att du har haft dessa tankar. Det är en naturlig del utav livet. Men hur du skall tackla och hantera dessa känslor, det är desto svårare. Det kan till och med påstås av vissa att det känns omöjligt. Det är precis denna typen av människor som Rikke älskar att motbevisa. Rilke kommer att lära dig hur du kan vända rädslor till självförtroende och erfarenheter.


Detta är ett exklusivt event för dig som vill lära dig att övervinna dina rädslor, hitta dina styrkor och bli framgångsrik inom just din branch!


How To Turn Fear Into Confidence In 21 Days




Registrera dig idag för att träffa Rikke och lära dig mer 



Vi ses på Scandic Sjöfartshotellet

(26 Katarinavägen

104 65 Stockholm



October 18th, 2016 - by Linnea Theodorsson



Återigen så är det dags att göra er redo för ännu ett spännande och lärorikt event! Denna gången ett 2 dagars event med ingen mindre än Damien Elston, som är en mycket framgångsrik entreprenör och sälj-coach! För att komma på eventet behöver ni bara Registrera er via länken HÄR, och infinna er på Sheraton Hotel i Stockholm 8-9 oktober. Thats it!

På länken ovan finns även mer information om Damien och hans meriter för er som vill läsa om det.

Glöm inte att delta i våran tävling på Swedish Wealth Institutes Facebook-sida Här Där du kan vinna både VIP biljetter till eventet & 2 månaders gratismedlemskap hos oss!


Vi ses den 8-9 oktober!

September 24th, 2016 - by Linnea Theodorsson

SWI CEO In ELLE Magazine

This week Swedish Wealth Institutes CEO Gisela Wood is featured in one of the worlds largest magazines. Elle Magazine.

Read the article HERE

Gisela was interviewed on the important subject of inequality in the workplace.

Being one of the leading figures for female entrepreneurs in Sweden, Giselas thoughts were greatly appreciated by the readers and we are proud to share the article with you.

Gisela, Well done. We are so proud of you!

She was also interviewed because of our event “Empowered Women” in Stockholm september 3rd that is going to help women tackle inequality in the workplace and get inspired by female speaker who travel from all over the world to speak at this event!


This is a FREE event so make sure to get your tickets today on the link below!








Be Inspired, Be Involved Be Empowered!


August 15th, 2016 - by Linnea Theodorsson

Interview with Steven Maranville – Coming to Sthlm august 16th

Steven Maranville is coming to Stockholm august 16th

So of course we wanted to get a exclusive interview with Steven for to get to know him better before the event so we contacted him for some questions…

For you who haven’t already gotten your tickets or information about the event – you can find the tickets by clicking HERE 

(This is a FREE event for those of you that hasn’t already attended anyone of our previous events)



How old were you when you started working and what was your first job?

I was born and raised in a small factory town—Galesburg, Illinois, USA. I was hired for my first job at 14. I worked for a business that supplied factories with manual assemblies. My specific responsibility was to put washers on bolts.


What led you in to your current career? Was it a specific person, happening in your life?…

Maranville Enterprises provides Business Consultation, Executive Education, and Corporate Governance. At the core of these three services is “teaching.” During my formative years, I found true joy in the process of learning. Therefore, when I began to consider a career, I knew that career would have to involve learning and teaching. Consequently, in 1986, I started Maranville Enterprises as a consulting practice serving small businesses. Over the years, Maranville Enterprises has “grown-up” to serve a larger market of businesses. However, the core of teaching has always remained. Whether in a classroom or in a boardroom, I am always a teacher.


When did you get your PHD and do you find it useful in your current profession?

I started Maranville enterprises in 1986. Four years later in 1990, I entered the Ph.D. Program at the University of Utah and graduated in 1994. I undertook a Ph.D. for several reasons. First, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Strategic Management. Second, I wanted to broaden my skillset of research. And Third, I wanted to have the credentials that would differentiate me as a thought leader. Because my work as a consultant, coach, and director requires me to be a thought leader, I find that the Ph.D. has been an enormous benefit. Through earning a Ph.D., I learned how to learn. Now, I show others how to learn as well.


Whats the best, and the most challenging part of your job?

The outcome of my work is always “change.” And, change is the most exciting, but challenging, part of my work. Whether working one-to-one coaching an executive or consulting on a organization-wide change-management project, the process of transformation contains happiness and pain. It is like sustaining a program of physical exercise. You hate the pain; but, you love the results.


How did becoming blind effect your work and life in general, and how did you overcome the obstacles that came along?

I was born with eye sight. When I was 7 years old, I began losing my sight because of the DNA I was born with. So, I have had many years to learn how to be blind. But honestly, I cannot say that I have overcome the obsticles. Every day is a new learning experience with new obsticles to be overcome. But, I must acknowledge that in 2016 with all of the amazing technology available for my use, I cannot actually describe blindness as a disability. There is nothing that I need to do—or even want to do—that I cannot do! I look forward to showing you what I mean when I am with you in Stockholm!


I am excited to be in Stockholm in two weeks!


Have a look at this video where you will find out more about Steven and The Swedish Wealth Institute. Click HERE

August 4th, 2016 - by Linnea Theodorsson

Coach Rikke Wend Hartung – How to click your way to self-confidence

It is often said that businesses fail because of lack of knowledge, lack of strategy or lack of money but the number one reason businesses fail is actually lack of confidence. Lack of confidence appears as self-doubt and when I met the president of High Point University Nido Qubein a few weeks ago in North Carolina, we spoke about this. “It is human to doubt yourself,” he said “but it is a very destructive habit because it keeps you from bridging the gap between what you are and what you could be.”

rikke nido

Nido also explained: “This is what ruins businesses. People with negative habits. Not the mechanics of the businesses. People are those that make choices, decisions and select strategies. So this whole self-doubt issue becomes really important.”

As business owners and high performers we therefore need to focus on changing negative habits of self-doubt and negative self-talk. The good news is that we can change habits relatively easily once we understand how habits work.

Feedback loops generate our habits. There are two kinds of habit loops: A positive habit loop which enhances a good habit and a negative habit loop which dampens bad habits. Every habit loop consists of these four elements:

1 Cue

2 Routine

3 Reward (positive loop) or punishment (negative loop)

4 Craving

Once you figure those elements out, it is possible to change any habit and create new powerful habits. You want to get your brain to respond to a negative thought in a negative way and a positive thought in a positive way.

Positive reinforcement is created by giving yourself a reward and allowing yourself to anticipate the reward. Negative reinforcement is created by administering pain — if you see a mad scientist in a white lab coat in front of you right now that is understandable but I am happy to inform you that less will do it. Much less!

Here is the clicker that Nido gave me which they use at the university as well to break the bad habit of self-doubt.

rikke clicker

The bi-product of self-doubt is whining and complaining. Nido carries this with him and explained that “If someone complains or has doubts and for example says ‘We can’t do that’ I use this clicker.” He calls it the No Whining Clicker. It emits a very loud, uncomfortable noise and you should use it every time you doubt yourself, hear yourself whining or have negative thoughts come into your mind. Not exactly pain, but annoying enough that you want to avoid it. Another technique which is widely used by athletes is to wear an elastic armband, which you snap whenever you move into a negative mindset. There has to be physical pain or loss of comfort to create the negative feedback loop. After a week or two, you will find that you don’t need the clicker or the elastic band anymore to interrupt your pattern. You have created a habit of interrupting negative thoughts.

We can also habituate positive behaviour. Successful people are consistently successful, consistently joyful, consistently friendly and consistently authentic. The keyword here is ‘consistently’. That means that for them all of these things is a habit. Nido states it this way: “Your habits are directing the results you get in your life. You are a product of habituation. In order to improve, you need to ask yourself: ‘what are my habits?’, ’what guides my life?’, ‘what are the things that I do that gets me in a good place or bad place?’.
As Aristotle said: Excellence is not an act, excellence is a habit. Viewing it this way, you can make a habit out of being confident.

You now have the tools you need to deal with self-doubt and reinforce your confidence. Go out and make it happen!

Learn Nido Qubein’s technique for neutralising self-doubt.
Book a space on a Confident & Fearless webinar on habit mastery.

June 15th, 2016 - by Daniel Wood

Speaker Blog – Articles From Our Top Speakers

jtfoxxThe Swedish Wealth Institute believes in creating value.

This is why we have teamed up with our top quality speakers and convinced them to continue providing value, well after their speeches!

Here you will find blog posts on property investing and much more.

April 13th, 2016 - by rasmus

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