Are you an Entrepreneur, Investor or want to improve your career?
Have you read personal development books, like Rich Dad Poor Dad, but when you want to talk about it do a lot of the people around you look at you sideways when you start talking about what you have read and what you want to accomplish?

It is difficult in our culture to stand out – we aren’t allowed to!
That is why we have created the Swedish Wealth Institute, you aren’t alone! There are others who have taken the leap and stepped outside the norm and are improving their lives.

The Swedish Wealth Institute bring speakers from all over the world to teach us the secrets that have made them successful. The network you will get will transform your life and your business. You might have heard “Your network is your networth!”. Getting around positive, supportive people and making friends and businesspartners will change your life.

Here is what some of our members say about our events:
Hej Daniel,
Tack för en grym helg som ni har skapat. Ni har verkligen gett många människor nyckeln till att förändra sina liv på riktigt.
Med den information, samlade visdom och inspiration som jag fått under helgen kommer jag kunna ta min business till en helt annan nivå.
Tack Daniel för att du är en sån inspiration inte bara med du gör utan även din energi på scenen och ditt stora hjärta. Tack även till det team som jag förstår är bakom dig och stöttar.

Ha de gott!
Pontus Wagner”

“Vikkis seminar about entrepreneurship was a really refreshing experience that lies in of the back of the head as an reminder several weeks later!
During my years as a leader, manager and entrepreneur, I have participated in many seminars and lectures where most themes and topics is a repetition of already known issues.

Vikki presented a completely new approach and perspective which made me look at different areas from new and different angles.
Her enthusiastic way to tell and share with us all not only gave me concrete tools, it also gave me a tremendous amount of desire and will to continue to develop both myself and my business.

Lisa Forsström”

THANK YOU so much for this weekend!
Top Noche!

Everything was WOWWOWWOW!
I really enjoined Coach D including his family and way with his kids, since me  and Pontus who also attended, have three daughters we totally support out of the box ????
Supercool to get inspiration towards even more action!

I started a Money Club with the kids yesterday ????????????????????????

Warm Regards,
Helena Wagner”

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When and where do we meet?

We meet twice a month. Once in Stockholm and once in Gothenburg at 18:00.
For more information on the date and what speaker is coming, please see “events”.

Gothenburg – Östra Larmgatan 16, 41107 Gothenburg
Stockholm – Fårögatan 33 Stockholm (Kista science tower)

We offer the opportunity to meet likeminded entrepreneurs, learn from some of the most famous speakers from all over the world for only 300kr for nonmembers or 100kr for members!


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