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  50% off of tickets to meetings

Every month the Swedish Wealth Institute has events for entrepreneurs and investors. For more information and the schedule see your sheet on monthly meetings.

  Members-only meetings

As a member of the Swedish Wealth Institute you will be invited to attend members only meetings. The meetings will feature the top speakers from during the year as well as surprise guest speakers and offer a wonderful opportunity to learn and network.

  Discounted tickets to meetings and events

Every year the Swedish Wealth Institute will host larger events with top speakers like JT Foxx – the worlds number 1 wealth coach – and other world renowned speakers. As a member you will get priority tickets to the events including discounts and special benefits.

  Members only website with:

  • Members only content
  • Members Support

  Members only Forums

Members will be invited to attend high level masterminds, offering the opportunity to network with other successful people and learn techniques to how you can grow your business exponentially.

  Masterminds and special events

  One on One Coaching Advice Meeting

There are hundreds, event thousands of coaches promising riches, the path to success, personal enlightenment and everything in between. Some are scam, some are very good but what we know is that only a few is the right fit for you. Because of this we offer a one on one consultation for free where we will help you analyse who is the right coach or right course for you to accomplish your goals.


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